Halls of Fame Everywhere

I have a Google Alert set with the key word “Hall of Fame.” It’s a pretty simple search, but my inbox is filled each day with multiple announcements for Halls of Fame – announcements of a ceremony, the names of those inducted, the honors a Hall of Fame is distributing, and, in short, a snippet of the history of America, because that’s what Halls of Fame represent.

As I have noticed the wide variety of Halls of Fame and the fact that every entity, from town or chamber of commerce to national organization, have a Hall of Fame – at least it seems that way – I search for the point of it all. Why is there a Hall of Fame virtually everywhere one looks? My interpretation is that we all have a reverence for those who have gone before – those who have provided us with a leap forward, with a hand up the ladder of development, or those who have provided us with an example of the best of humanity – those who have found a way to maximize their talents to the benefit of a game, a business, a community, or a nation.

I suggest that a study of the growth of Halls of Fame is a study of American culture and our belief in the legacy of our forebear. May we always be so awed by their achievements that we continue to honor the people who have provided us with a route to the future.

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